EQUUS Foundation -

The Equus Foundation was established in Aug 2002. Since 2003, over US$1.9mil in grants has been awarded to charities across America that are improving the quality of life of horses, promoting the use of horses to enrich the lives of those in need, and educating the public about the horse's unique ability to empower, teach and heal. Horses enrich the lives of millions of people of all ages every day, especially children.

The Equus Foundation serves horse charities across the United States by:
  • Providing financial support through the award of grants to charities that are improving the quality of life of horses, using horses to enrich the lives of those in need, and educating the public about the horse's unique ability to empower, teach and heal.
  • Offering insight on management and financial practices of these charities through a thorough review of their operations.
  • Providing a network of interested individuals for volunteer recruitment,
  • Educating the public about horses.

The EQUUS Foundation also does business under the name, Horse Charities of America. The name, Horse Charities of America, was selected in 2009 to better convey the mission of the EQUUS Foundation.

Horse Charities of America -

In 2011, The EQUUS Foundation, Inc. Awarded over $270,000 in grant awards to 72 charitable organizations that are improving the quality of life for horses and the people who benefit from their unique ability to empower, teach, and heal.

90% of grants awarded to charities involved with horse welfare and charities providing equine-assisted activities/therapies (EAA/T) to individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural, learning disabilities, individuals with life-threatening and/or chronic conditions or illnesses, or underserved, underprivileged or 'at-risk' youth.

10% of grants awarded to charities either providing scholarships to young equestrians or relief to equestrians suffering from life threatening illnesses, catastrophic accidents or injurys.

Horses Heal PeopleNB: Following the award of its 2011 grants, the Board of Directors of The EQUUS Foundation restructured its grant award program and funding priorities to focus financial support on programs that are directly impacting the well-being of horses, and/or, that are improving the quality of life of people through their interactions with horses.

Applications will only be accepted through the online application process between May 1 and June 15. Grant applications must be received by the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., by June 15 of each year. Grant applicants selected by the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., will be notified by August 31; grant awards will be made during the month of Sept.

Horses & Humans Research Foundation -

The purpose of Horses & Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) is to fund research into the therapeutic effects of horses on humans.

The broad research agenda includes basic research as well as clinical studies that will ultimately impact the physical and mental health and quality of life for people with disabilities who are involved with Equine-Assisted Activities and/or Therapies (EAA/T).

Amount of funding available: $50,000 max amount at this point in time
Application deadline: visit for upcoming deadlines
Applications submission: both paper and electronic formats are required.

Parelli Horsemanship Fund 

Pat and Linda Parelli have just launched the Parelli Horsemanship Fund which aims to sponsor and support four main causes:

1. Youth Programs
2. Educational Scholarships for students & aspiring professionals
3. Horse Rescue Centres
4. Therapeutic Horsemanship & Para-Equestrian Riding

Their mission is to help create a better world for horse & humans. Over the past 25yrs, the Parelli’s have donated US$500,000+ to therapeutic riding causes and the careers of para-equestrians from profits generated from the sale of its DVD programs. 

The Parelli Horsemanship Fund is developing its philanthropic work by providing valuable, education-based support for others to benefit from by empowering people to make a difference both for themselves and for horses and people everywhere.


  1. We run Bodster equine assisted Community Interest company on the Isle of Wight and we are needing funds to buy a new property as at present we rent. we are running the 'Never too old' project featured here. Any ideas as to funding streams we could apply to?? Please contact us on with any ideas

  2. I'm looking for a program that would help me with the cost of receiving Equine Therapy. I am on SSD and can't afford the fees. You can email me at


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