Thursday, 23 May 2013

Countless Australians risk their lives to save animals during bushfires and floods - why do they do it?

A PhD Scholarship is available on the ARC DECRA Project ‘Should I stay or should I go? Increasing natural disaster preparedness and survival through animal attachment’ to work with principle supervisor Dr Kirrilly Thompson who is based in the Adelaide Campus of Central Queensland University.

Countless Australians risk their lives to save animals during bushfires and floods. Many die. Animal attachment theories explain this heroic but self-destructive behaviour. However, they have not been extended to prevent it. What if the risk in wanting to save animals was also an untapped protective opportunity?
This project will determine how people’s motivation to save animals during natural disasters could be used to increase preparedness and improve survival.

By interviewing and surveying survivors of natural disasters about the impact of animals on their emergency behaviour, this innovative project will develop effective public health campaigns to improve natural disaster preparedness and save Australian lives. The project commences in 2013. For further details, click here. [pdf]

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lessons in Therapeutic Riding

Just came across a great blog called:

'Lessons in Therapeutic Riding - lesson plans, patterns, activities, games & more for the therapeutic horseback riding instructor' 

from a PATH registered Level Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor (USA) who is developing a series of resources for Riding for the Disabled (RDA) coaches and volunteers. It's a great blog and a great concept with lots of great suggestions.

You too can share any RDA lesson plans, patterns or games that you feel may be a useful resource to share at:

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